NATMI Certificates

The North American Transportation Management Institute (NATMI) exists to improve the performance and productivity of the professionals directly responsible for effective fleet and driver performance – risk managers, safety and security directors, maintenance managers, and commercial driver trainers.  As a partner of NATMI, the Transportation & Supply Chain Insitute provides university accreditation to the training and professional certification for truck and bus fleet management professionals.

NATMI’s training and certification programs are outcome-focused and utilize rigorous instructional design standards.  “Outcome-focused” means that the process, structure, and content of the programs are focused on the desired outcomes that our professional development programs should bring.  For the companies who employ our certification program graduates, these outcomes include:

  • reduced accidents and injuries
  • lower vehicle maintenance costs
  • improved driver retention
  • improved operational efficiency
  • better management systems






For inquiries contact NATMI at (303) 952-4013