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    Foreign Trade Zones as a Business Advantage: Webinar by James Mitchell (Mitch) Fonda

    US Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) are primarily thought of as a duty avoidance or deferral tool for imported products. They are much more than that and can be leveraged to increase supply chain robustness and reduce risk. The US has over 250 approved FTZs yet they are one of the most underutilized and powerful tools to decrease supply chain costs while boosting agility, stability and resiliency.

    This webinar provides information on FTZs, their ability to be used to address last time buys, protection against regulatory impact, sourcing changes, new product introduction, business expansion, supply chain optimization and increased use of capital. Real life FTZ applications and implementations will be presented demonstrating how millions of dollars were saved. Also covered will be the potential for FTZs to stimulate economic growth in the areas where they are located, creating jobs and encouraging investment.

    Join this FTZ webinar and learn more as to how, with the right support guidance and understanding, more companies can benefit from using FTZs in the US.

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Transportation Talks Live Webinar Series

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    Transportation Talks Live Webinar Series

    Showcasing the expertise and insights of top transportation and supply chain leaders, Transportation Talks features virtual discussions with board members from the Transportation and Supply Chain Institute and industry leaders.

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