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Faculty Spotlight: Ioana Mazare | Data Democratization Starts With Business Ownership Of Data — UPS Enterprise Data Strategy VP

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Denver Transportation Institute

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Congratulations to our esteemed faculty member, Dr. Ioana Mazare, VP of Enterprise Data Strategy at UPS, for her insightful CDO Magazine feature on data readiness's critical role in driving AI innovation and responsible AI leverage! 

Dr. Mazare's interview with Susan Wilson, Group VP at Informatica, highlighted the significance of leaders embracing analytics and AI, emphasizing the purpose of data and the strategic adoption of innovative technologies. Her emphasis on the importance of guardrails to balance AI utilization and risks is invaluable in today's data-driven landscape.

The ultimate purpose of data, as Dr. Mazare eloquently stated, is to deliver value by transforming information into actionable insights, often through BI and AI analytics. Her advocacy for building an enterprise data analytics program underscores the integrated approach needed for effective data management, governance, and value creation.

Let's continue to celebrate and learn from data leaders like Dr. Mazare who are driving impactful change in the realm of data-driven AI innovation. You can learn more and listen to Dr. Mazare via the podcast below.