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Alumni Spotlight: Nate Columna, Management Development Program at Hajoca Corporation

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Denver Transportation Institute

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Name: Nate Columna
Title: Management Development Program (MDP) trainee, Hajoca Corporation.
Cohort: MS Supply Chain Management University College 2020
Graduated: 2022

Nate Columna headshot

Nate Columna is a Colorado native. He grew up in Aurora, where he now lives full-time, and is proud to represent his home state as a DU alum. DU was his first-choice school to pursue his first passion: Music. Following this, he enjoyed a decade-long career as a piano teacher before embarking on a new path in supply chain management.

Nate's journey into supply chain management stemmed from a desire to develop skills in big-picture systems-level thinking and strategic problem-solving. This led him to pursue a Master of Science in Supply Chain Management from Daniels and University College. Upon graduation, he found himself working for Hajoca Corporation, where he is currently enrolled in their Management Development Program. This intensive three-year program exposes him to every aspect of the business, from day-to-day operations to management responsibilities.

His time at DU was instrumental in shaping his career trajectory. Discovering the SCM program while working there was a turning point. The program's emphasis on real-world projects and Six Sigma problem-solving techniques equipped him with the tools necessary for his current role.

Looking ahead, Nate is excited about technological advancements in the industry, particularly in enhancing online presence and remote fulfillment capabilities. At Hajoca Corporation, he strives to seamlessly integrate with customer workflows, providing value-added services.

Outside of work, Nate remains connected to his musical roots, regularly playing and attending concerts. He also enjoys outdoor activities with his wife and dogs, amateur photography, and indulging in video games when time allows.