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Alumni Spotlight: Chris Hoffmeister, Hub Group

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Denver Transportation Institute

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Name: Chris Hoffmeister

Cohort: 19

Graduated: 2022

Current Position: Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer, Hub Group

Chris Hoffmeister

Chris Hoffmeister was recently named Executive Vice President, Chief Commercial Officer at Hub Group where he leads the commercial strategy and account management teams.  Prior to this position, he served as Executive Vice President, Account Management.  Chris joined Hub Group in 2002, in the St. Louis office where he played a leading role in developing multimodal solutions for some of Hub Group’s largest retail customers. Having since grown within the company, Chris has held numerous positions within Hub Group Retail, Brokerage and Logistics Teams, and developed and led Hub Group’s Emergency Response solutions that support customers during natural disasters.
Hub Group is dedicated to investing in their technology platform which helps focus on speed and visibility.  Chris expressed that “as customer demands change, speed and visibility are two critical things in this industry, having the right capacity at the right place at the right time.”

Something unique about Hub Group that some may not know is that Hub Group’s Cause Container program, #CauseContainer, has raised more than $675,000 for nominated charities. The shipping containers are branded with charities they support.  When you spot one of Hub Group’s Cause Containers on the road or rails, take a photo and upload it publicly to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn with #CauseContainer. This charitable initiative not only raises funds for important causes, but also inspires employees and communities to get involved.

Hub Group has a long history of supporting TSCI and has seen great success sending candidates through the Executive Master’s program.  All candidates from Hub Group have accelerated their careers after completing the program.  The Cohort experience was interesting for Chris because it was the first group to be back in class after the pandemic closures.  Although this was challenging due to the continuing impact of Covid-19, the in-person experience, the DU campus, faculty, and structure were a few of Chris’s highlights.  Chris fondly remembers Craig Lentzsch’s finance class and expressed the positive impact of the program’s peer independent tests on student development and growth. In addition to these highlights, the Panama trip was also an exciting moment to see supply chain in action!

This has been a busy year for Chris and his family.  He moved to Chicago, completed his degree with TSCI, and entertains his three-year-old daughter who is “the real boss” of his life.  Chris and his family enjoy sports and traveling together.


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