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Alumni Spotlight: Lucy Grasso, OmniTRAX

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Denver Transportation Institute

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Name: Lucy Grasso

Lucy Grasso

Title: Vice President of Business Strategy, OmniTRAX

Cohort: 18

Graduated: 2021

Lucy Grasso is the Vice President of Business Strategy at OmniTRAX.  Prior to moving to Colorado nine years ago, she lived in Charleston, South Carolina, where she studied logistics and supply chain at the College of Charleston.  Working in the transportation and rail industry was a natural progression.

While at OmniTRAX, Lucy had the opportunity to explore many different areas of the business.  She managed the railroad real estate portfolio, co-led the safety department, headed up the Network Operations Center, and ultimately got involved in almost every other area of the business.  Lucy served as a thought leader and strategist with the senior operating team, which provided her with tremendous operating experience and insight into managing the operations of a large network.  And most recently, she has been collaborating with the sales team in developing a long-term strategy for them, which enabled her to have great insight into senior level sales management. Working at OmniTRAX has been a very rewarding experience for Lucy, and it certainly is never dull or monotonous.

As the Vice President of Business Strategy, Lucy is very focused on the internal execution of the corporate strategy.  She continues to lead the operations team in developing and executing upon their long-term strategic operating plan.  She also works closely with the sales team to ensure the delivery on corporate sales growth goals, as well as working to enable continued collaboration between the operations and commercial teams.  Lucy will continue to lead the Network Operations Center, which is the team that manages all railcar EDI data.  Additionally in this role, she has been tasked with developing OmniTRAX’s ESG Strategy.  ESG is a key focus of OmniTRAX corporate strategy, and Lucy is very excited to be working on such an important, impactful initiative.

OmniTRAX is very focused on employing high-impact technology across the organization. The company is focused on using technology to help realize operational efficiencies, enable continued growth, and ensure the protection of data and the business.  Lucy and the team are particularly excited about advancements as it relates to green technologies.  They partnered with AMPS Traction and the Ohio EPA to utilize a Volkswagen grant on the introduction of an electric locomotive into their fleet, providing the costumers of Ohio with a zero-direct emission horsepower option.  In addition to this news, OmniTRAX also has plans for piloting autonomous train operations this year to handle some unit train traffic.  Beyond that, they have a lot in the works with the use of GIS, various dashboarding and reporting tools using discrete data sets, and enhancing out back office capabilities to enable more automation.

Lucy currently resides in Colorado Springs, not too far from OmniTRAX's Denver office, where she enjoys cooking and spending time at home with her husband and her dog.  Like any Coloradan, she enjoys getting up to the mountains to ski.  Lucy also owns a horse and is an active competitor in Eventing, a type of riding that combines dressage, show-jumping, and a steeplechase-type event.


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