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Dispatch From the Director: The New Transportation & Supply Chain Bachelor’s Degree

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Denver Transportation Institute

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The Transportation & Supply Chain Institute was started 25 years ago with the expressed intent to create a world-class graduate degree program specifically designed for the transportation and supply chain industry. Since our founding, we have never stopped building our MS in Transportation with Supply Chain concentration through a constant focus on curriculum development taught by expert industry professionals. We take on the most critical aspects of leadership and teach the mechanics of engineering-optimized solutions that are commercially sustainable.

We are quite proud of our graduate program because we can see the results of the student experience manifested in the many dozens of our alumni occupying the highest ranks of the transportation and supply chain industry today.

Now, we are excited to announce an added chapter in our educational journey.

For some time, we have been aware of the similar need to develop a bachelor’s degree equivalent to the graduate program. Likewise, feedback from our alumni and our advising Board of Directors has indicated that there is much demand within their organizations to develop their employees engaged in jobs requiring specialized logistics knowledge.

The new Bachelor’s in Transportation and Supply Chain is specifically designed for adult learners: those that may have started college but for whatever reason never had a chance to finish their degree. Perhaps they served in the armed forces, or started a family, or any number of possibilities.  Like our graduate program, this program is designed and taught by leading transportation and supply chain practitioners and meant to facilitate learning in a convenient time format so that students can continue to support their full-time job and balance the rest of life demands. 

When we announced the creation of this new opportunity to our Advising Board recently, one of our board members said, “For every one of the high-potential leaders I can send into the graduate program at the Institute, I have at least three or four more people in my operations center that never finished their bachelor’s degree. This program will now give those people an opportunity to advance, as well.” 

This is a very exciting development, and we are eager to support the academic goals of individuals seeking to advance their knowledge and leadership skills in transportation and supply chain.

Please see the additional details mentioned by the Director of the program Michelle Kruse-Crocker PhD.

Special Dispatch from the Academic Director:

Announcing a new undergraduate program in transportation and supply chain

Recently, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data disclosed that employment of transportation professionals is projected to grow 6% through 2026. According to Supply Chain Data Dive, the transportation and supply chain industry currently has 3.5 million positions to fill. Given our recent history, these projections could even be somewhat conservative.

The pandemic did much to expose the value of logistics practitioners. Now, the entire world knows about the extraordinary responsibility of these outstanding professionals and the complexity of the transportation and supply chain sector. This sector is growing rapidly and so too has the demand for education and professional development.

The Bachelor of Arts Degree Completion Program at University College (BACP) is addressing this challenge for the sector by launching a wholly new and enhanced degree designed exclusively for transportation and supply chain professionals. This BACP degree caters to adult students who have started college at some point in their lives, but their studies were disrupted by any one of a multitude of reasons, like finances, family needs, or health. We welcome adult students that are pursuing a professional goal to this new degree program.

Our recently revamped Transportation and Supply Chain (TSC) major is designed to develop transportation and supply chain skills and competencies for those already in the industry who would like to finish their degree in order to move up and for those interested and attracted to the industry. Detailed research has informed the curriculum specific to TSC, which includes the critical components of multi-modal structures and systems, supply chain essentials, financial acumen, project management, data analysis, leadership, and communication.

Students will also be putting their new knowledge into a direct professional application with a practicum and internship. The university’s subject matter experts design all courses to create an applicable, current, and highly relevant curriculum. We offer discounted tuition to allow greater access to the University of Denver. The current tuition per credit is $698. The total cost of the degree depends on how many transfer hours applicants bring with them to our program.  

We are very excited to launch this new program and expect significant demand for the program.  

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