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Dispatch From the Director: The Opportunity to Develop Leaders

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Denver Transportation Institute

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david fisher

January is considered the start of our enrollment season. Even though we accept new applications throughout the year, it is the beginning of each year that we start focus on the next cohort of students.

Higher education is not simply an endeavor to strengthen what one knows but also a way to understand where gaps in knowledge might exist. The logistics industry is amazingly complex. It is a system of systems, and a matrix of everything that makes the world move. There exists, to be sure, a significant opportunity of advancement in this industry.

The organizations that sponsor their high-potential leaders into our program understand that opportunity. They understand that there is a significant amount they can achieve by building leaders that know how to ask the right questions, are unrelenting in pursuit of improvement, know the processes of fiscal management, and that will continue to learn and grow. Students coming through our program get exposure to logistics operations and theory that they otherwise might not. Students are positioned to utilize their advanced education and leverage that knowledge to the benefit of their organization. It is a win for a student; it is a win for our supply chain challenged world.

Our mission is to develop leaders. As the Transportation and Supply Chain Institute approaches our 25th anniversary year, it is wonderful to think of all the leaders that have graduated and in fact becomes senior leaders in their organizations. Higher education builds the right skills and enables advancement.  Given the challenges we are currently experiencing in the world, my personal hope is that hundreds more leaders will come through this program. 

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