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Dispatch From the Director: The Return of the International Seminar

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Denver Transportation Institute

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david fisher

For the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, we were able to send a Cohort on the programs International Seminar trip. All of the students from Cohort 19 were in attendance: Bob Rentz, Chris Hoffmeister, Kevin Krantz, Micki Rust, Mohit Bhat, Nicole James, Patrick Thomas, Ray Noonan, and Zach Clark. Joining the cohort were three students from Cohort 18; Kelly Andersen, Keith Crenshaw, and Quincy Chumley. 

The week-long trip was content-rich with visits to both ends of the canal, the old locks and the newly expanded locks, the Free Trade Zone visits, and a terrific ride across the isthmus on the Panama Canal Railway hosted by PCR President Tom Kenna.

The story of Panama and the Panama Canal is an arc of human history and the pursuit of trade across the two biggest oceans. The story is one of great tragedy, international intrigue, the near bankruptcy of two countries, and the final triumph over the Isthmus.  Panama is a global asset that enables our entire international supply chain.

Accompanying us on the entirety of the trip was former senior engineer and communications officer of the Panama Canal Authority Luis Ferreira who shared a wealth of knowledge and experience with the group.

Our speakers were all incredible. Special thanks to Rodolfo Sabonge, Raisa Bainfield, Dr. Eddie Tappiero, Demo Perez, The US Embassy staff Andrew Publicover and Kenneth Delvalle, Stephanie Pragnell, our friends at Panama Pacifico, FedEx, and especially, our keynote speaker Ilya Marotta, who gave a remarkable speech at our closing reception.

It was very exciting to fulfill the complete program curriculum this year, and we are looking forward to taking Cohort 20 on their planned trip to Europe next year.


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