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Dispatch from TSCI: Don't Put Off Your Education

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Denver Transportation Institute

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Waiting does not make time go faster…

Transportation and Supply Chain

It is the time of year that we start accepting applicants into our next Cohort for the Executive Master's in Transportation and Supply Chain Management program. The new Cohort will begin session in the Fall.  Because we limit the student capacity for this program, we encourage those who have the goal of getting their master’s degree to apply as soon as possible while spots are still available. 

Two truths we share with our applicants are, first, if you are worried about the time and the energy it will take for you to get through the program, do not. While challenging and, to be sure, a fair amount of work, the time it takes to get through the program passes very quickly. The second truth is, if you have been putting off the decision to start your graduate education, don’t.  Procrastination never makes your career move faster. In the 25-year history of the institute, nearly of all our students have graduated. Most of our alumni will tell you that they thought about coming to graduate school for a longer period than it took to get through the program.

Here is another truth: A graduate degree in transportation and supply chain management is a way to advanced contributions to the world at a time when the world dearly needs such professionals. The transportation and supply chain professionals that come through the program are in a unique position to make a positive impact on society by ensuring that goods and services are produced and delivered in an ethical, sustainable, and optimized manner. We know this because we see this in our extensive network of Transportation & Supply Chain Institute alumni who are making major contributions to our industry every day. An alumni network that you will become a part of.

It truly is not hyperbole, if you are considering getting a graduate degree, this decision will have a major impact on not just your future and the future of your company but indeed, the future of the world itself. Earning your graduate degree can open doors to a new reality, produce opportunities, and provide you with new skills and knowledge that can help you, your career, your employer, and the world you live in.

Join us.


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