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Leadership Views: Interview with Board Chair Steve Rhode

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Denver Transportation Institute

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Steve Rhode
Chair of the TSCI Advisory Board
Cohort 9
Current Position: Vice President, Schneider


As current Chair, what does the 25th Anniversary of the Institute mean to you?

25 years.  Wow.  It means that the Institute has survived the start-up period where most organizations fail to continue with their mission.  It means we are providing an offering to the marketplace that is valued.  It’s a testament to our founders’ vision of creating an institute where industry and academia come together to provide an opportunity to educate/train the talented leaders within the transportation industry.  It is important we take time to look back and celebrate those 25 years.  There have been a lot of accomplishments and a lot of individuals that have been a part of the success.  But at the same time, we don’t rest on our laurels.  We are focused on improving the institute, building on the things that have made us successful and challenging ourselves to evolve with the ever-changing transportation landscape to ensure we are around for the next 25 years!

Having earned your master’s through TSCI, what spurred you to stay involved with the program?

I’m a huge fan of the program.  When I was given the opportunity to join the board, I jumped at the chance to “give back”.  Programs like these are only as good as the energy folks are willing to put forth in making them happen.  Several years ago, there were industry leaders that invested their time/talents to ensure that I had a program to participate in.  Now it’s my turn to help ensure there is a program for today’s students.  In the future, current students will be stepping up to keep the program growing.  Not sure if it’s paying it forward or paying it back, either way it’s a model that I’m very proud to be a part of on both sides.

What do you think sets TSCI apart from other similar programs?

Two things come to mind and are interrelated.  The ability to network and share ideas with other industry leaders is something that most involved in the program will highlight.  The structure of the Institute allows for significant input from transportation leaders that helps create and improve the program, providing significant value to our students.  That same board involvement offers a great opportunity for the students to gain access to these leaders.