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Leadership Views: Jenny Johnson, Intermodal Support Services

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Denver Transportation Institute

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More than 40 industry leaders serve on DTI's Board. Following on our successful Transportation Talks webinar series, we feature brief thoughts from a member each month. 

Name: Jenny Johnson
Position: President and CEO, Intermodal Support Services
Years with DTI: 6
DTI Alumnus: Graduated 2007, Cohort 4

Jenny Johnson

Jenny's company, Intermodal Support Services, is a leading equipment management service in the railroad industry. She has actively supported her company's development and growth by working with business leadership organizations. She discusses the advantages she's experienced as she answers three of our questions. 

What are the advantages of the women-owned certification for Intermodal Support Services? 
"I am proud that Intermodal Support Services (ISS) has been a certified woman-owned company since 2003.  I have been involved with the national organization WBENC as a member of the Forum, an advisory committee to the board, for the past six years as well as an ambassador for the regional partner organization, WBEC Florida. Being WBENC certified has given us the opportunity to make contacts in all industries and provided me access to continuing education programs that otherwise I would be unaware of. It is so important for women-owned businesses to support one another!"
What about working with the many women who are in the intermodal industry?
"I have found true inspiration and leadership from the women leaders within the intermodal industry. I find the intermodal industry in general to have a familial feel to it, but in particular, I find that these professional women truly support one another. I have been on the receiving end of that support and mentorship at times in my career and look forward to passing it on to the next generation when it is needed."
What are your thoughts about this industry in relation to technological advancements?
"I am very excited right now about the focus on and rapid advancement of EV (electric vehicle) technology. I bought my first electric vehicle in 2020, and I am so fascinated that I am focused on learning as much as I can about the industry. In the very near future, EVs are going to be affordable and accessible. This is no longer a trend. One tell-tale sign of EV mainstreaming was General Motors’ Super Bowl ad. General Motors, now GM, is going after Norway! It was a marketing play, but they are committing to develop 30 new EVs by 2025. That’s an impressive public statement! I am interested and excited to convert my fleet to EV over the coming years. I think we are going to see a big change on intermodal terminals by the end of this decade."