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Leading the Way Alumni Spotlight: Amy Hume

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Denver Transportation Institute

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Name: Amy Hume
Cohort: 14
Graduation Year: 2017
Current Position: 
Director West Coast Logistics, Direct ChassisLink (DCLI)

amy hume

What has your professional journey looked like since graduation?
After graduation, I continued my career at DCLI moving from Logistics Manager, responsible for Southern California, to a general manager role taking on Northern California and the Pacific Northwest regions, as well. In 2021, I was promoted to Director, West Coast, and my team’s responsibilities included working through the backlog of vessels calling the L.A./Long Beach, CA port complex.

Please share any memories of your student days that stand out, including people you worked with and/or friends you made through the experience.
The DU campus is a beautiful place, really enjoyed the atmosphere. I have a lot of great memories with Cohort 14, not just the late-night group study! We attended a hockey game where the students are true fans, it was packed! Took the metro light rail, had dinner downtown, and of course, visited a local brewery! It would be great to see everyone again. There are occasions when some of our paths cross in business travel, conferences, or meetings.

Any thoughts on Board-student interaction from your time as a student?
The Board-student interaction is a great highlight of the program! This group of industry leaders (some of which I am fortunate enough to have worked with during my career) having dinner with the students, speaking on panels, and taking the time for discussion is extremely valuable. It’s great networking with people who have made such an impact in the transportation business, and what a critical role these individuals play in our industry overall.

Did you attend the international travel seminar? What was that like?
Yes, absolutely. The international travel seminar was an amazing end to the program! Our cohort completed studies in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Holland, and Paris. So many places to see and not enough time, but one of the highlights of the trip was the EU headquarters. We heard directly from leaders in different countries all coming to the table with their perspectives on transportation, infrastructure, and highlighting areas of focus within their respective region. Another highlight was visiting a terminal in the Port of Rotterdam (Maasvlakte) where it’s known for being one of the largest and most advanced terminals in the world. I am used to a big port being domiciled in Port of Los Angeles area, but this was like no other - very impressive! Lastly, it was great to utilize different modes of transportation on the trip, including high-speed rail-subway, bus, and boat.
Any hopes you have for the TSC Institute as a program or for the future alumni relations program (when we can gather again)?
My company had managers partake in panels not just in Denver but as cohorts have traveled to Port of L.A./Long Beach for a residency week during the program. As an alumna, I'm looking forward to being involved whenever possible.

Cohort 14 at graduation 

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