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Leading the Way Alumni Spotlight: Amy Hume

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Denver Transportation Institute

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Amy Hume
Cohort 14
Current Position: Director Logistics West Coast
Company: Direct ChassisLink, Inc. (DCLI)

Amy Hume


What does your role as the Director Logistics West Coast involve and what are the most important decisions you make?

I am responsible for managing chassis throughout the Pacific Northwest and Southern/Northern California. I liaise with Pool of Pools (POP) board, contributors, pool users, terminals, container yards (CY), rails, steamship lines, vendors, and others as the primary point person.  The most important decision as a leader is to support my team with their daily workload, recognizing their efforts, leading by example, and contributing toward building their professional development however possible.
What brought you to study at the Transportation and Supply Chain Institute?
I graciously accepted an offer with my current employer, DCLI, to put me through the program. Throughout my career, past employers, and companies within our industry have supported the University of Denver Transportation and Supply Chain Institute. Some of their Senior Level Management have served on the Board for several years. I have worked with various colleagues that have participated in the master’s degree program and had always heard great things about the program.
How, if at all, has the current supply chain issues impacted your work and your decisions?
My team’s responsibilities included working through the backlog of vessels calling the LA./Long Beach, CA port complex these last couple of years. This took additional hours, close collaboration, patience, creative thinking and doing everything possible to service our customers during a pandemic. There are huge impacts to the entire supply chain that we have experienced and continue to deal with today, but the teamwork through it all with record breaking volumes is great to be a part of.  
What advancements in the transportation industry are you most excited about?
I have been excited about every advancement within the transportation industry for the most part as I really do enjoy this profession. However, I have to say the roles I held with steamship line customer service management, where you must have a vast knowledge base covering the international business sector were most exciting. Everything going on in the world has an impact on the business, it’s never a dull moment and ever changing. To look back at what I have learned over the years and continue to learn as I move forward are not just exciting but rewarding.