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Leading the Way Alumni Spotlight: Greg Dunnell

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Denver Transportation Institute

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Name: Greg Dunnell
Cohort: 2
Graduation Year: 2005
Current Position: Principle, Buckeye Mountain, Inc. 

My journey at the University of Denver TSC Institute provided a great education, invaluable relationships, tremendous memories, and ongoing enrichment. I was blessed to be a part of cohort 2. These were early days in the program and was tremendous to be a part of this growing family. Thankfully I’ve been able to remain involved, since I live in Colorado, and have been fortunate to attend many events and expand those great relationships with new cohorts.
While attending DU I was employed by Westinghouse Airbrake Corporation, now Wabtec. This was a result of them acquiring my railroad software company and led to me being responsible for a division that developed intermodal technology solutions. As good luck would have it the Chairman of Westinghouse was also the Chairman of the DU program, Gilbert Carmichael. He was responsible for me being supported by Westinghouse to attend the program. The education I received provided immediate value and guidance, not to mention the invaluable relationships from the cohort family. The classes were immediately relevant, but I’d have to say the giant value came from the lessons learned from the other students and faculty. I remain close to many of those folks today and am thankful for their friendship.

My current company, Buckeye Mountain, Inc., provides technology products and services to the Intermodal industry. With the help of my two tremendous business partners, Buckeye has been providing these solutions and services since 2006. The executive master’s program helped outfit me to survive many of the entrepreneurial challenges I have been confronted with regarding daily management obstacles, to financial diligence to ongoing practical decision making. The Institute remains valuable for me as continued education, collaboration and networking opportunities. 

Outside of my daily grind, I try and take advantage of our cabin in Northern Minnesota by fishing and camping. We have been making yearly trips into the Boundary Wates and Quetico for over 20 years. It’s the best therapy and allows me to spend un-interrupted time with my family. Truly an amazing time that I look forward to every year. Below is a picture of my family shortly after entering as we still look fairly presentable. After 10 days in the wilderness it’s a much different picture…But amazing! 

dunnell family

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