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Leading the Way Alumni Spotlight: Jessica Karcz

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Denver Transportation Institute

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Name: Jessica Karcz
Cohort: 11
Graduation Year: 2014
Current Position: Director-General Equipment and Wreck Administration, TTX

Jessica Karcz has spent 14 years at TTX, a railcar pooling company based in Chicago, Illinois. She was invited to enroll in the DTI executive master’s program after a competitive process in which TTX employees apply to be considered and are selected by company executives. She took full advantage of the opportunity.

During her DTI experience, Karcz served as Supervisor of General Equipment, and then Supervisor of Intermodal Equipment for TTX. Four promotions later, she is now the Director-General Equipment and Wreck Administration, and noted that to be promoted, as a young woman in the transportation service section, to the rank of director, “was an honor.”

True to form, the DTI program created networks and bonds – both professional and social - for Karcz. While, Cohort 11 keeps in email contact to share pictures and news, Karcz also noted the fellowship she finds when she encounters DTI graduates within TTX and at industry events. She also maintains regular contact with trusted faculty, particularly RJ Graham, who continues to teach the leadership development course. 

Cohort 11 in Hong Kong on their International Study Seminar.

Remembering her student days, Karcz described her first quarter when students, faculty and Board members traditionally have an opportunity to connect throughout a two-day slate of events. She specifically recalled that despite the high-profile guests in attendance, members of the DTI Board of Directors were clearly focused on connecting with the students.  

Personally, Karcz continues to enjoy living in Chicagoland with her family. She is a proud mom of two daughters, now 15 and 20 years old. The youngest celebrated her graduation from eight grade in 2020, and in 2021 the family has already welcomed a brand new niece!

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